Deep Fried Interview: All Cheerleaders Die cinematographer Greg Ephraim

All Chearleaders #3

Photo credit for all behind the scenes pics featured below: Vanessa Menendez.

Colorful, light and fun aren’t the first adjectives that spring to mind when thinking of director Lucky McKee, who made his reputation with psychologically dark, female-centric genre offerings such as May and The Woman. But they’re fitting descriptors for McKee’s latest All Cheerleaders Die, a genre and tone-hopping horror comedy about a squad of undead cheerleaders co-directed by McKee’s old college pal Chris Sivertson.

“One thing Lucky described to me when we were preparing the film was the color palette,” said All Cheerleaders Die cinematographer Greg Ephraim. “He said, ‘I’ve done all these dark, moody movies. I want to do something fun and poppy and colorful. I don’t want to be the kid with the 12-crayon box in school. I want to be the kid with the 64-crayon box.’ For me, that describes the cinematography of this movie.” Continue Reading ›