Behind the Scenes, Throat Rip Edition: MacGruber (2010)

MacGruber (art of the title)

“Look, I’m not good with plans. And I’m not good with clues. What I am good with is kicking ass and ripping throats.” – MacGruber

I don’t remember how my family – parents, aunts, siblings, etc – ended up together at a screening of MacGruber when it opened back in May of 2010. But I do distinctly recall the collective awkwardness of watching Will Forte’s incompetent bomb disarmer engage in multiple graphic sex scenes with a ghost while seated alongside extended family members.

I recently came across anĀ interview from the excellent site Art of the Title Sequence with director Jorma Taccone and main title designer Ryan McNeely discussing MacGruber’sĀ opening and closing credits. Here’s a link to the interview, which is also the source for these before-and-after effects shots. Continue Reading ›