The Art of Matt Ryan Tobin

Canadian artist and musician Matt Ryan Tobin fell into the world of design through necessity. Back in 2003 Tobin’s former band Dead and Divine needed t-shirts to sell at shows but didn’t have the money for them to be professionally designed. So Tobin volunteered to create the merch and soon found himself doing the same for other bands. That ultimately evolved into alternative film posters and commissioned work for outfits like Mondo and Odd City.

Check out Tobin’s website and buy something. For more Deep Fried Movies poster artist profiles, click here.

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The Movie Poster Art of John Alvin

Alvin_Layout 1

This week Titan Books released a career retrospective on master poster creator John Alvin, appropriately titled The Art of John Alvin. The book was penned by the late illustrator’s wife, and fellow artist, Andrea Alvin.

John Alvin broke into movies with his 1974 poster for Mel Brooks’ western spoof Blazing Saddles. Over the next three decades his artwork adorned the ads for more than 130 movies, including repeated collaborations with Brooks, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg and Disney. Below is a gallery celebrating Alvin’s work. To learn more about Alvin’s creative process and his art, check out Titan’s new book, which is reasonably priced at $20 for the hardcover. Continue Reading ›

The art of poster maker extraordinaire Tom Chantrell

Tom Chantrell

From his iconic Star Wars poster to the Italian rip-off Star Crash, from Russ Meyer to Hammer and from Golden Age Hollywood to grindhouse era sexploitation, the late British artist Tom Chantrell painted nearly every type of movie poster imaginable during a career that spanned 50 years. He lent his talents to more than 7,000 designs, putting his brush to Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.

I had no inkling of just how many of my favorite film posters Chantrell was responsible for until I recently stumbled upon a retrospective of his genre work on the excellent blog Horrorpedia. I’m also seriously considering tossing $100 toward Chantrell Poster, a site associated with Chantrell’s family that sells both posters (reasonably priced) and original painted canvases (a little more costly) from Tom’s personal collection. Check out the selection here. Or continue onward for a vast gallery of Chantrell’s work. Continue Reading ›