Movie Poster of the Day: Japanese release art for Hud (1963)

Hud (1963) poster japan (avellino)

“It don’t take long to kill things. Not like it takes to grow.” – Homer Bannon (Melvyn Douglas) in Hud

The Japanese release poster for Hud (1963), another in a long line of classic anti-heroes from the great Paul Newman. The film marks one of five Newman collaborations with director Martin Ritt from 1958-1967, including the William Faulkner adaptation The Long, Hot Summer and the Elmore Leonard-penned western Hombre.

Pic from the Twitter feed of Peter Avellino.

Production stills and posters for Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Cool Hand Luke

Paul Newman takes a seat on the dolly on the set of 1967’s Cool Hand Luke. The film comes from the novel by Donn Pearce, who based it on his experiences on a Florida chain gang in the late 1940s after he did a two year stretch for grand larceny. Though the film has become an enduring classic that predates the wave of anti-conformist movies of the 1970s, the book’s hardcover release sold only 1,100 copies.

Here’s a fantastic Esquire feature on Pearce. Continue onward for a few more production stills and a gallery of Cool Hand Luke posters. Continue Reading ›