Deep Fried Interview: Starry Eyes cinematographer Adam Bricker

Starry Eyes

(Top) A frame from Starry Eyes. (Bottom) The behind the scenes set-up needed to create that frame. Crew members pictured are, from left to right: Best Boy Electric Christopher Faulkner, 1st AC Charlie Panian, actress Alex Essoe, Key Grip Adam Goral, Director Dennis Widmyer and 1st AD Dave Casper.

Anyone considering relocating to Los Angeles to pursue the vagabond life of the thespian should first check out the Faustian cautionary tale Starry Eyes. The lovechild of early Cronenberg and Polanski, conceived to the sounds of John Carpenter and Goblin, Starry Eyes unfolds in an L.A. of sickly greens and despondent grays. That palette comes courtesy of cinematographer Adam Bricker, who spoke to Deep Fried Movies about his work on the film. Continue Reading ›

Deep Fried Interview: Obvious Child cinematographer Chris Teague

Before lensing Obvious Child, director Gillian Robespierre and cinematographer Chris Teague looked at only a handful of films for reference. They peeked at Woody Allen’s 1970s and 1980s work and glanced at Lena Dunham’s 2010 film Tiny FurnitureBut when it came to slogging through romcoms, Teague didn’t see much point in subjecting himself to hours of Notting Hills in order to familiarize himself with the genre’s cliches.

“The script for Obvious Child was so far from any mainstream romantic comedy that I wasn’t concerned that we’d make anything that felt like that,” Teague said. Continue Reading ›

The Fragility of Optimism: An interview with Rich Hill director Andrew Droz Palermo

Rich Hill Tag_Layout 1

There are hundreds of towns like Rich Hill, Missouri crumbling throughout the American midwest – the strip malls that signaled comfortable suburbia now shuttered; the factories that paved the path to the middle class now rusted. But Rich Hill isn’t just any town to Andrew Droz Palermo, co-director of a new documentary that traces a year in the life of three adolescents amid the decay and disillusion of the titular town. Continue Reading ›