31 Days of Horror: Shivers (1975)

Italian poster for David Cronenberg's Shivers (1975)

An Italian poster for David Cronenberg’s debut feature Shivers (1975), which finds the residents of an ultra-modern high rise apartment turned into sex-crazed zombies by a parasite. Shot on Nun’s Island in Montreal, the Canadian film was released in the states as They Came From Within.

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31 Days of Horror: The posters of David Cronenberg

Shivers (#2)

The horror film has always been the one genre in which a novice filmmaker with no connections to the Hollywood machine could get his or her movie distributed merely by making something marginally competent. However, filmmakers who get their foot in the door that way have often found those feet stuck.

Canadian auteur David Cronenberg – who spent the first decade of his career in horror – is one of the few filmmakers who managed to escape the genre and achieve critical acclaim. Which is quite a feat considering Cronenberg’s feature debut Shivers (1975) is a film about a parasite turning the denizens of an uber-modern high rise apartment building into sex-crazed zombies. (continue reading)

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