Behind the Scenes: Jeff Bridges’ panoramas from the set of R.I.P. D.

RIPD 4 (#10)

Jeff Bridges first laid eyes on a Widelux 35mm panning camera when a photographer used one to snap his high school class photo. His wife bought him one of the cameras in the late 1970s and beginning with 1984’s Starman, Bridges has used the Widelux to document the production of every movie he’s been a part of.

That includes this summer’s Dark Horse Comics adaptation R.I.P.D. Click on any photo for a bigger version. Or, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, peruse pictures from Bridges’ previous films at his website.

Here’s what Bridges has to say about the Widelux:

“The Wide-Lux is a fickle mistress; its viewfinder isn’t accurate, and there’s no manual focus, so it has an arbitrariness to it, a capricious quality. I like that. It’s something I aspire to in all my work — a lack of preciousness that makes things more human and honest, a willingness to receive what’s there in the moment, and to let go of the result. Getting out of the way seems to be one of the main tasks for me as an artist.”

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