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Frame By Frame

Frame By Frame – Better Call Saul Season 1 (2015)

Year – 2015 Decade – 2010s Cinematographer – Arthur Albert (imdb link) Distributor – AMC Genre – Television; Drama Aspect Ratio – 1.78 Filming Location – Albuquerque, New Mexico Camera […]

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On cinematographers Bianca Cline and Eric Adkins

“Filming a character who has to be seven or eight inches from the lens adds a whole bunch of complications.” New interview up for Filmmaker Magazine with Marcel the Shell […]

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Frame By Frame – The Long Hot Summer (1958)

Year – 1958 Decade – 1950s Cinematographer – Joseph LaShelle Director – Martin Ritt Genre – Drama; Romance Distributor – 20th Century Fox Aspect Ratio – 2.35 Lenses – Anamorphic […]

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The Black Phone cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz

“I actually still use my light meter on everything….Being part of that transition from film to digital, I still can’t let it go and totally trust the monitor.”  Less than […]

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Elvis cinematographer Mandy Walker

New interview for my column at Filmmaker Magazine with Elvis cinematographer Mandy Walker. Shot on Alexa 65, with Panavision Spheros for the pre-Vegas portion of the film and Panavision T-Series […]

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Hustle cinematographer Zak Mulligan

New interview up at Filmmaker Magazine with Hustle DP Zak Mulligan. The Netflix film stars Adam Sandler as a burned out Philadelphia 76ers scout who discovers a raw talent (pro […]

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Cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo on Moon Knight

“I really like that sodium vapor look that is kind of fading. Everyone is moving to LEDs at this point, so this felt like a final hurrah for sodium vapor.” […]