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The Menu cinematographer Peter Deming

I’ve got a new interview up over at Filmmaker Magazine with DP Peter Deming (Evil Dead II, Mulholland Drive, The Cabin in the Woods, House Party). Check out the full […]

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Frame By Frame – Jailhouse Rock (1957)

Year – 1957 Decade – 1950s Cinematographer – Robert J. Bronner (imdb link) Director – Richard Thorpe Studio – MGM Genre – Drama; Musical Aspect Ratio – 2.35 Format – […]

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Pearl cinematographer Eliot Rockett

“Either it Blows Up or it Doesn’t.” – New interview for my Filmmaker Magazine column with Pearl cinematographer Eliot Rockett Rockett, a longtime Ti West collaborator (X, The Innkeepers, The House […]

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Frame By Frame – His House (2020)

Year – 2020 Decade – 2020s Cinematographer – Jo Willems Director – Remi Weekes Studio – Netflix and BBC Films Genre – Horror; Haunted House Aspect Ratio – 2.40 Filming […]

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Halloween Ends cinematographer Michael Simmonds

“You want to avoid a shot looking like a fruit salad. There needs to be a dominant source, then a secondary source. One light has to win.” Halloween Ends cinematographer […]

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Prey cinematographer Jeff Cutter

I talked with Jeff Cutter, DP of the new Predator prequel Prey, about dodging bears in the wilds of Calgary, creating the predators’ heat vision and cloaking effects, and reteaming […]

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Frame By Frame – Better Call Saul Season 1 (2015)

Year – 2015 Decade – 2010s Cinematographer – Arthur Albert (imdb link) Distributor – AMC Genre – Television; Drama Aspect Ratio – 1.78 Filming Location – Albuquerque, New Mexico Camera […]